CDTA Unveils New Performance Monitoring Platform

CDTA Unveils New Performance Monitoring Platform

March 13, 2024

Online system allows community to review Authority’s performance

ALBANY, NY (March 13, 2024) The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) is introducing a new online platform that enables transit customers and the community to see how the agency performs and the value it delivers to the Capital Region community. 

The system, called TransDASH, can be found on CDTA’s website ( and displays the agency’s past and current performance data in a number of areas relating to customer value, community value, and taxpayer value. Several metrics in each of these three categories measure how well CDTA is performing against benchmarks and, in comparison, to other public transit agencies throughout the country.   

“It is important for CDTA to uphold our commitment to deliver a high-quality customer experience and value to the community that relies on us to provide responsible oversight of the operations of a vital community asset,” said CDTA CEO, Carm Basile. “This dashboard offers a transparent and accessible way for our customers and the community at large to assess our performance and hold us accountable for delivering on our promises. This information works hand-in-hand with typical operating measurements like ridership and revenue recovery to provide a birds-eye view of CDTA, our operations and the value that we bring to the Capital Region economy.”

Dashboard users can navigate through the platform to review data related to customer satisfaction, connectivity, access, and other critical aspects of the transit experience. The dashboard is designed to be intuitive, allowing both frequent and occasional users to access relevant information effortlessly.

A notable feature of the dashboard is its integration with regularly scheduled updates. The system is frequently updated with CDTA’s latest performance data, ensuring that the information presented is reflective of the agency's ongoing efforts to deliver service quality.

The platform is linked to a national dashboard system, enabling CDTA to benchmark its performance against other public transit agencies across the country. This comparative analysis contributes to a broader understanding of the agency's strengths and areas for improvement on a national scale.

“By sharing our performance metrics openly, customers, stakeholders, and those who do not use public transit can review and understand how CDTA delivers value to the region,” said Basile.

TransDASH metrics align with feedback gathered by community and customer surveys conducted by CDTA asking for impressions on such service areas such as timeliness, cleanliness, and safety, as well as about the agency’s contributions to the region’s economy, employment, and environment.

TransDASH was developed by transit performance management experts at TransPro Consulting to provide public transit agencies across the nation with new dimensions for comprehensive performance evaluation beyond ridership, which traditionally has been the single metric of transit success.