Awarded Contracts

The following is a listing of awarded bids arranged by category.

Bus Parts

Brake Drums: CDTA-Maintenance-32-3000:

Vendor: Daimler Buses North America

Brake Drums: CDTA Maint 63-3000:

Vendor: DLR Distributors Inc

Brake Drums: CDTA Maint 72-3000:


Brake Rotors, Loaded Calipers and Brake Pads: CDTA Maint 69-3000:

Vendor: Napa Auto Parts

Brake Rotors, Loaded Calipers, Brake Pads: CDTA Maint 45-3000:


CDTA Maintenance 51-3000 Seals: 51-3000:

Vendor: Vehicle Maintenance Program

CDTA-Maintenance 50-3000 Brake Drums: 50-3000:

Vendor: Daimler Buses North America

Lamps & Bulbs (Bus Parts)-REBID: CDTA Maint 44-3000A:

Vendor: NAPA Auto Parts

Lamps and Bulbs for Transit Buses: CDTA Maint 66-3000:


Nuts and Bolts (Fasteners for Transit Buses)-Rebid: CDTA Maint 71-3000A:


Radial Tire Rental: CDTA-Maint 47-3000:

Vendor: Bridgestone American Tire Operations, LLC

Relining of Brake Shoes: CDTA Maint 76-3000:


Seals for Transit Buses: CDTA Maint 74-3000:

Vendor: Vehicle Maintenance Program


AC Upgrades (rebid): CDTA FAC 55-2000A:

Vendor: Tougher Ind Ent, LLC

Boiler Replacement: CDTA FAC 80-2000:

Vendor: campito plumbing and heating, inc,

BRT Queue Jump Lanes and Stations: 1T09.16 and 1T09.17:

Vendor: Callanan Industries, Inc.

Bus Lift Modifications Albany (Closure of Lift Pits): CDTA FAC 84-2000:

Vendor: Speedcor Industries Inc.

Bus Station Improvements: CDTA FAC 09-203-03:

Vendor: Riverview Construction Associates Inc.

Compressor Service Contract: CDTA FAC42-2000:

Vendor: D&W Diesel, Inc.

Concrete Repairs at Rensselaer Rail Station Deck: CDTA FAC 91-2000:

Vendor: Provincial Contractor Services

Construction of Building for RRS Parking Manager: CDTA FAC 49-2000:

Vendor: Gallo Construction Corp.

Construction of Building for RRS Parking Manager (Rebid): CDTA FAC 49-2000A:

Vendor: Gallo Construction Corp.

Electrical Contractor for Bus Shelter Work: CDTA FAC 88-2000:


Expansion of Parking Lot at Rensselaer Rail Station -Parking Lot C: CDTA FAC 83-2000:

Vendor: Callanan Industries, Inc.

Fire Alarms Albany Division: CDTA FAC 61-2000:

Vendor: State Electrical Construction

Fuel Tank Replacement-Schenectady Division: CDTA FAC 76-2000:

Vendor: Shaker Flats Equipment and Installations

HVAC Direct Digital Control System: CDTA FAC 86-2000:

Vendor: Eastern Heating and Cooling

Installation of 50kw Solar Panel System: CDTA FAC 58-2000:

Vendor: Solar Liberty Energy Systems, Inc.

Installation of Drainage Line: CDTA FAC 75-2000:

Vendor: Cross Country Telecommunications LLC

Installation of Transit Passenger Shelters: CDTA FAC 69-2000:

Vendor: Bob Talham inc.

Office Fit Up at 85 Watervliet Ave: CDTA FAC 40-2000:

Vendor: Dutch Valley General Contracting, Inc.

Rapid Roll Up Doors: CDTA FAC 81-2000:

Vendor: Assa Abloy

Request for Quotations-Compressor Installation: CDTA FAC 50-2000:

Vendor: D&W Diesel, Inc.

Roof Replacement Albany Division: CDTA FAC 63-2000:

Vendor: Apple Roofing Corp.

Roof Replacement at 85 Watervliet Avenue: CDTA-FAC-44-2000:

Vendor: Skyway Roofing, Inc.

Saratoga Springs Train Station Parking Lot Expansion: CDTA FAC 79-2000:

Vendor: DelSignore Blacktop Paving

Snow Removal at Rensselaer Rail Station: CDTA FAC 72-2000:

Vendor: SMS Maintenance

Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) installation services: CDTA-IT-17-1000:

Vendor: Stilsing Electric Inc

Vehicle Exhaust (Troy Bus Garage): CDTA-Facilities-46-2000:

Vendor: Total Tool, Ltd

Engineering and Architecture

Engineering-Roof Design: CDTA FAC 51-2000:

Vendor: Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers

Saratoga Bus Garage Final Design: CDTA BD 30-6000:

Vendor: QPK Design

Washington/Western Alternatives Analysis: CDTA-BD 33-6000:

Vendor: Creighton Manning Engineering


CAD-AVL Scoping and Specification Development: CDTA IT 23-1000:

Vendor: TranSystems

Database Administration Services: CDTA IT 34-1000:

Vendor: OATC, Inc.

Digital Signage: CDTA IT 42-1000:

Vendor: Four Winds Interactive,

Fare Collection System Upgrade Scoping and Specification Development: CDTA IT 25-1000:

Vendor: LTK Engineering Services

IT Networking Engineering Support Services: CDTA IT 2101000:

Vendor: The Garam Group, LLC

Webcasting Services and Agenda Distribution: CDTA IT 24-1000:

Vendor: Granicus Inc

Website Redesign: CDTA IT 39-1000:

Vendor: NaviSite

Materials and Supplies

Antifreeze and Windshield Washer Fluid: CDTA Maint 53-3000:

Vendor: Safety-Kleen

Bus Wash Soap: CDTA Maint 42-3000:

Vendor: Dynasty Chemical Corp

Paint: CDTA Maint 56-3000:

Vendor: NAPA Auto Parts

Paper Products: CDTA maint 55-3000:

Vendor: Dynasty Chemical Corp

REBID-Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning System: CDTA Maint 62-3000A:

Vendor: FSX Equipment, Inc

Ticket Booklets for STAR Service-Request for Quotes: CDTA BD 31-600:


Office Supplies and Furniture

3 Year Lease for Photocopiers: CDTA PROC 04-9000:

Vendor: Ricoh USA

Office Supplies: CDTA-Procurement-02-9000:

Vendor: W.B. Mason Company


Accessible Taxi Lease: CDTA BD 18-6000A:

Vendor: Advantage Transit Group, Inc.

Accessible Taxi Lease: CDTA BD 34-6000:

Vendor: Capitaland Taxi Corp.

Antifreeze and Windshield Washer Fluid: CDTA Maint 73-3000:

Vendor: Solvents and Petroleum

Armored Car Service: CDTA FIN 11-4000:

Vendor: Titan Armored Car & Courier

Audit Services: CDTA FIN 09-4000:

Vendor: Lumsden & McCormick, LLP

Bus Inspection & Fleet Auditing Services: CDTA Maint 75-3000:

Vendor: Transit Resource Center

Bus Shelter Cleaning: CDTA FAC 74-2000:

Vendor: MCW Inc

Cleaning Products: CDTA Maint 65-3000:

Vendor: Sanico Inc

Fabrication & Delivery of Transit Passenger Shelters: CDTA FAC 64-2000:

Vendor: Brasco International Inc.

GASB 45 Actuarial Services: CDTA FIN 10-4000:

Vendor: Harbridge Consulting Group

Heavy Duty Engine Oil: CDTA Maint 70-3000:

Vendor: NOCO Distribution LLC

Hotel Market Study & Feasibility Analysis: CDTA FAC 78-2000:

Vendor: HVS

Insurance Brokerage Services Commercial LInes and Employee Benefit Administration: CDTA HR 15-7000:

Vendor: Rose & Kiernan, Inc.

Janitorial Services at the Rensselaer Rail Station: CDTA FAC 71-2000:

Vendor: NYSID, Inc.

Janitorial Services at the Saratoga Springs Train Station: CDTA FAC 52-2000:

Vendor: NYSID, Inc.

Landscapers for Bus Shelter Locations: CDTA FAC 89-2000:

Vendor: Clover-Leaf Nurseries INc.

Landscaping at the Rensselaer Rail Station: CDTA-Facilities-48-2000:

Vendor: A Cut Above Landscaping & Design

Market Research Services: CDTA Marketing 01-9000:

Vendor: Fact Finders, Inc.

Medical Testing Services: CDTA HR 12-7000:

Vendor: Concentra

Multi-Grade Engine Oil SAE 15W-40 and SAE 5W-20: CDTA Maint 39-3000:

Vendor: R. H. Crown Co.

Paratransit Peak Load Shedding: CDTA-TRANS-06-8000:

Vendor: Advantage Transit Group, Inc.

Park and Ride Sign Fabrication and Installation: CDTA FAC 85-2000:

Vendor: aj sign corp

Parking Management at Rensselaer Rail Station: CDTA FAC 77-2000:

Vendor: Standard Parking

Pest Control Services: CDTA FAC 67-2000:

Vendor: Orkin Pest Control

Preventative Maintenance Contract for HVAC & Mechanical Equipment: CDTA FAC 87-2000:


Private Investigative Services: CDTA TRANS 07-8000:

Vendor: Tech Valley Security

Public Education Campaign: CDTA BD 25-6000:

Vendor: IBI Group

Rental of Maintenance Uniforms: CDTA Maint 41-3000:

Vendor: Coyne Textile Services

Sand/Gravel Separator Maintenance: CDTA FAC 68-2000:

Vendor: environmental & fueling system

Saratoga County Commuter Service: CDTA TRANS 05-8000:

Vendor: Upstate Transit of Saratoga LLC

Snow Removal at Saratoga Springs Train Station: CDTA FAC 60-2000:


Snow Removal for 85 Watervliet Ave & Four Parking Lots: CDTA FAC 59-2000:

Vendor: unlimited lawn care

Taxi Service at the Rensselaer Rail Station: CDTA-FAC 47-2000:

Vendor: Advantage Transit Group, Inc.

Temporary Staffing Services: CDTA HR 14-7000:

Vendor: Fusco Personnel

Trash Removal: CDTA FAC 65-2000:

Vendor: Allied Waste Services of North America, LLC, DBA Allied Waste Services of Albany

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel: CDTA Maint 38-3000:

Vendor: Mirabito Energy Products

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel: CDTA Maint 40-3000:

Vendor: Mirabito Energy Products

Uniformed Security Guard Services: CDTA HR 13-7000:

Vendor: PEC Group of NY Inc.

Vehicle Financing: CDTA FIN 08-4000:

Vendor: Banc of America Public Capital Corp

Vehicle Financing: CDTA FIN 14-4000:

Vendor: First NIagara Leasing

Window Washing at the Rensselaer Rail Station: CDTA FAC 62-2000:

Vendor: NYSID, Inc.

Workers Compensation/Third Party Claim Administration Services: CDTA-HR-11-7000:

Vendor: First Niagara Risk Management, Inc.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing Design and Communication Services (Reissue): CDTA BD 32-6000:

Vendor: Burst Marketing


40 Foot Diesel & Hybrid Buses: CDTA Maint 25-3000:

Vendor: Gillig

Accessible Taxi (7 Passenger Commercial Van) Purchase: CDTA BD 29-6000:

Vendor: Gorman Enterprises

Fork Trucks: CDTA Maint 54-3000:

Vendor: Thompson & Johnson Equipment Co.

Purchase of SUV's for Non-Revenue Service: CDTA Maint 60-3000A:

Vendor: Van Bortel Ford

SUV for Non-Revenue Service: CDTA Maint 52-3000:

Vendor: Miller Ford Sales

Trolleys: CDTA MAINT 31-3000:

Award Date: December 01, 2010

Vendor: Double K, Inc. dba Hometown Trolley

Last Updated: 10/14/2014