Homeowner Transit Use Incentive Program

To encourage home ownership in transit-supportive neighborhoods, CDTA has partnered with a number of housing assistance organizations:

CDTA provides two (2) unlimited use Navigator transit passes for one year to new homeowners in neighborhoods with existing transit service. The program helps ease the transition to home ownership and encourages people to incorporate transit into their daily routines while they form transportation habits in their new location. Transit supportive neighborhoods are characterized by existing transit service, but also by pedestrian infrastructure and limited parking. Home ownership has been linked to neighborhood stability. Together, they can contribute to environmentally and socially healthy regions.

The housing assistance organization determines eligibility and participants are required to participate in program entrance and exit surveys regarding travel behavior. CDTA uses the surveys to monitor program effectiveness and make modifications for improvement.

Please contact CDTA’s Mobility Manager at (518) 437-6844 for more information.

Last Updated: 11/02/2023