Disabled Visitors to the Region

Consistent with federal statute and regulatory guidelines, STAR Paratransit will provide service to eligible visitors from outside of Upstate New York Capital Region service area for a period of 30 days during any 12-month period.

  1. Individuals from outside Upstate New York Capital Region service area will be served by STAR Paratransit as ADA Visitors if they are unable to use CDTA fixed route transportation services due to disability related functional limitations.

  2. According to ADA regulations, an individual residing outside of the area served by STAR Paratransit is eligible for complementary paratransit service as a visitor.

  3. If the individual presents documentation of ADA paratransit eligibility from his or her home jurisdiction.

  4. If the individual has no such documentation (of ADA paratransit eligibility), then the individual is to provide documentation of the individual’s disability. This can include, for example, a letter from a doctor.

  5. Eligible visitors will be served for a period of 30 days during any 12 month period.

  6. If an eligible visitor wishes service beyond the 30-day period, then the visitor must apply for STAR Paratransit eligibility by participating in the normal STAR Paratransit eligibility determination process required for residents of Upstate New York Capital Region.

  7. If an individual calls trip reservations/scheduling staff claiming to be a visitor from outside of Upstate New York Capital Region, the individual receiving the call is to refer the caller to the Disability Certification manager and or designee.

  8. The visitor is to contact Disability Certification manager and or designee by phone, mail, fax, or text telephone to obtain information about STAR Paratransit and procedures for applying as an ADA eligible visitor.

  9. The visitor must provide information verifying eligibility as an ADA visitor for STAR Paratransit.

  10. The process requires that the individual provide the Disability Certification Manager identifying information such as documentation of ADA eligibility from elsewhere, or evidence of disability as described in procedures 2a and 2b above.

  11. The individual may provide this information before or after arrival in Upstate New York Capital Region. Expected dates when the individual desires to use STAR Paratransit are to be included in the information.

  12. Disability Certification Manager and or designee will process the individual’s application so that the visitor, if determined to be eligible, can promptly be provided ADA visitor status.

  13. The visitor will be notified of the determination regarding status as an ADA eligible visitor.

  14. If determined eligible, STAR Customer Service will provide temporary ADA identification and information on how to use STAR Paratransit, including the “STAR Easy Guide.”

  15. If determined ineligible, STAR Customer Service will provide information as to the denial and inform the individual that the determination can be appealed.

  16. For those determined to be ADA eligible as visitors, the Disability Certification Manager and or designee will enter appropriate information in the STAR Paratransit rider database.

  17. When the visitor calls to request a trip, reservations/scheduling staff will schedule trips for the individual in the same way as for non-visitors, with the exceptions noted below on tracking dates of use. There is no higher priority given to regular STAR Paratransit riders or to eligible visitors.

  18. The 30 days can be parceled out over any 12 month period or can be consecutive.

  19. Trip reservations/scheduling staff should inform visitors when the visitor eligibility period is about to end. This information will be displayed on the rider database computer information screen. The visitor can be further informed that, if transportation will be needed beyond the 30 days of visitor eligibility, the visitor can apply for regular eligibility through the normal STAR Paratransit eligibility determination process. If it is a new year, the visitor must supply proof that they are still eligible under this category.

A person can become eligible for a Visitor Pass while visiting the Capital Region in Albany, NY. By presenting documentation from their transit agency that they are certified eligible to use paratransit in their locale. The person requesting Visitor status must show proof of eligibility by a valid paratransit ID card, paperwork from a transit agency certifying they are paratransit eligible or paperwork certifying they are paratransit eligible.

The individual can either mail a copy of their eligibility or fax the information to CDTA.

The address is:


110 Watervliet Avenue

Albany, NY 12206

(518) 482-2022

(518) 437-8391 (fax)

Please include your name, address and daytime phone number so the paratransit office at CDTA can contact you in regard to your Visitor Pass. A visitor pass will be granted once all information is received.

CDTA/STAR policy is to grant you a visitor pass for up to 30 days from the date of your first trip. Longer time frames will require that you apply for STAR eligibility.

In order to establish status as a Visitor, please contact the Mobility Manager at (518) 482-2022.

If you have any questions regarding this matter or anything else regarding our Paratransit service, please free to call the Mobility Manager at (518) 482-2022.

Last Updated: 04/17/2015