CDTA Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Rensselaer Rail Station

Rensselaer Rail Station 20th Anniversary

September 29, 2022

The Rensselaer Rail Station is the Region’s largest and the ninth busiest station in the country

RENSSELAER, NY (September 30, 2022) The Capital District Transportation Authority celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Rensselaer Rail Station. Since 2002, the rail station has served as the locomotive gateway for passengers travelling to and from the Capital Region. Serving more than 800,000 people each year, it is the area’s largest train station and the ninth busiest in the Amtrak network that runs across the United States.

“The Rensselaer Rail Station is the realization of robust government, private and local partnership, and investment,” said CDTA Chief Executive Officer Carm Basile. “Two decades ago, we doubled the size of the existing rail station and launched the Capital Region onto the map, quickly becoming a buzzing transit hub. Since its inception, the station has transformed the region and continues evolving to better serve residents and visitors.”

The 80,000-square-foot facility is owned and operated by CDTA, while Amtrak operates the train, ticketing, and baggage service. CDTA runs two bus routes out of the rail station that has served as a mobility hub for the transit authority’s full transportation portfolio. The rail station also now houses are Customer Service Center. CDTA also owns and operates the Saratoga Springs Rail Station.

The Rensselaer Rail Station was built over three years and doubled the size of its predecessor. The entire project cost, which included the station’s construction, track work, and other expenses, was $53.1 million. Approximately $4.3 million of the project’s cost included the construction of the Herrick Street Bridge, making it easier for travelers to get to the station.

Over the past decade, a fourth track has been added to the station, platforms have been lengthened to accommodate longer trains and last year renovations were completed on a multi-level parking garage that adjoins the station, providing covered, secure parking. Additionally, high-level boarding platforms have eliminated the need to cross tracks, ensuring passenger safety and convenience.

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