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Summer fun pass


Summer Fun Pass

Ticket To Ride

This summer, let CDTA be your own set of wheels -- only cheaper.

Get to the park, the pool, camp -- you name it!

CDTA's popular Summer Fun Pass is back, providing Capital Region families with a fast, convenient and affordable way to get kids 17 and under where they want to go this summer. Summer Fun Pass gives young people unlimited access to all of CDTA's regular route buses.

$40 for a whole summer of fun

Summer Fun Pass gives young people the flexibility they crave this summer -- unlimited bus rides to and from youth-friendly locations all over the Capital Region! Parents gain freedom by having CDTA be the chauffeur. One low price allows them to ride all CDTA regular routes, getting just about anywhere, anytime from July 1 through August 31.

Summer Fun Pass makes it easy

Just swipe your pass through the top of the fare box and take a seat.

And when you're ready to go home, Summer Fun Pass will get you there, too!

Here are some of the places Summer Fun Pass can take you:


Swimming pools


The mall


Sports practice

Music/dance lessons



Summer jobs

Volunteer work

Grandma's house

Going further than we are? Complete the trip on your bike! All CDTA bus routes are equipped with easy-to-use bike racks, so you can bus-and-bike your way around the Capital Region.


Pick up a pass!

Summer Fun Pass is available at the following CDTA locations:

CDTA - 85 Watervliet Ave.  (518) 482-8822 map
26 Station Lane (Saratoga Train Station) (518) 584-8031 map


Refugee and immigrant programs

CDTA has partnered with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants and Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany to provide transitional assistance to people new to this country and to encourage transit use. Therefore, participants must live close to a CDTA bus stop.

The goal of the program is to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips among newly arrived immigrant and refugee populations of the Capital Region. The program introduces people to the region’s transit services before they buy a car, encouraging long-term transit use and reducing their likelihood to purchase an older, more polluting vehicle in the long term.

The Transit for Immigrants and Refugees program includes education (transit training) and subsidy (free Navigator card for a maximum of nine months) components. Eligible participants are required to take pre- and post-program surveys about their travel habits and preferences.

Since its inception, the program has already shown signs of leading to increased employment as well as increased attendance at English classes and job preparation workshops. Thus, the program not only increases CDTA ridership but also promotes the self-sufficiency of newly arrived immigrants.

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

991 Broadway Suite 223

Albany, NY 12204-2539

(518) 459-2790

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany

40 North Main Avenue

Albany, NY 12204

(518) 453-6650


Homeowner Transit Use Incentive Program

To encourage home ownership in transit-supportive neighborhoods, CDTA has partnered with a number of housing assistance organizations:

CDTA provides up to two (2) transit passes per month for up to two years for new homeowners in neighborhoods with existing transit service. The program helps ease the transition to home ownership and encourages people to incorporate transit into their daily routines while they form transportation habits in their new location. Transit supportive neighborhoods are characterized by existing transit service, but also by pedestrian infrastructure and limited parking. Home ownership has been linked to neighborhood stability. Together, they can contribute to environmentally and socially healthy regions

The housing assistance organization determines eligibility and participants are required to participate in program entrance and exit surveys regarding travel behavior. CDTA uses the surveys to monitor program effectiveness and makes modifications for improvement.

Please contact: CDTA Planning at (518) 437-6865 for more information.

Last Updated: 07/14/2022