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Navigator: Pay Easily, Explore Often.


  • "Navigator" is the perfect name for CDTA's new fare collection system because it is symbolic of our region's history of travel and exploration - after all, Henry Hudson was the original navigator!
  • Navigator signifies the way our new fare collection system helps you easily travel to your favorite destinations.


Pay Easily, Explore Often.

More Convenience

More Convenience You can replenish your Navigator balance online, over the phone, at one of our retail outlets or stop by CDTA’s Customer Service Center!

More Security

More Security When you sign up for an account and register your Navigator Card, your balance is protected if the card is lost, stolen or damaged!

Better Service

Better Service Navigator will help tailor routes and schedules by reducing boarding times, improving on-time performance and increasing reliability!

Extra Savings

Extra Savings Navigator will automatically calculate and charge the “best fare” so Pay As You Go customers will never pay more than the cost of a day pass!

More Rewards

More Rewards New loyalty programs with special offers, discounts, contests and promotions for riding are on the way!