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safety and security

Your safety is important to us. Our Code of Conduct is in place to address everyday safety issues. In an emergency, our bus operators can summon police and medical assistance.

If you have a safety concern or see suspicious activity, please tell the bus operator immediately or call the Customer Information Center anonymously at (518) 482-8822. Emergency-exit instructions are displayed inside all CDTA buses.


Safewatch is a cooperative effort between CDTA and local law enforcement to make the Capital Region an even safer place to live. All CDTA vehicles are equipped with two-way radios. Our employees are trained to be alert for potential problems and to inform authorities about criminal activity, roadside incidents or accidents. Any individual who needs police assistance can flag down a CDTA vehicle for emergency help. The employee will use a radio to contact the police. Children in danger can board a CDTA bus and stay on the vehicle until authorities arrive.