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CDTA BusPlus Service has Launched - Route 5 Service Changes went into effect on Sunday, April 3, 2011


This April, CDTA introduced BusPlus, a new limited stop service between downtown Schenectady and downtown Albany along Route 5. Customers will notice faster service, better frequency, increased accessibility and new amenities and 25% more service will be added to the Route 5 corridor for BusPlus. BusPlus will operate Monday-Friday, 4am- midnight, Saturdays, 6am-11pm, and Sundays, 7am-6pm.  

Service on Route 5 will operate as follows:

All local service on Route 5 will meet at the Colonie stations (Northway Mall or Colonie Center) to connect with other local routes or BusPlus.

·         Route #1 Central Avenue routing will remain the same, stopping at all local stops and BusPlus stations between Broadway and the Colonie station at Colonie Center. The schedule has an increased span of service hours, starting earlier in the morning and running later at night.

·         Route #55 (Schenectady-Albany) will become Route #355 stopping at all local stops and BusPlus stations between Liberty Park in downtown Schenectady and the Colonie stations (Northway Mall or Colonie Center). The hours of service on the #355 are the same as those on the #1.

·         Route #905 BusPlus limited stop service along the entire Route 5 Corridor from Schenectady to Albany. BusPlus will have 18 designated limited stops (known as stations) along each side of Route 5.   

Route 55X (Schenectady-Albany Express) and Route 57X service will be replaced by three new express routes that will originate at Park-n-Ride lots on Route 5, travel by the Thruway directly to Empire State Plaza before circulating downtown but will not run local service.  

Three express routes will operate as follows:

  • Route#530 - Rotterdam Square Mall/Exit 26 Park-N-Rides to Empire State Plaza via the Thruway – CDTA has 100 shared-use spaces at the Rotterdam Square Mall. 

  • Route #531 - St. Luke’s/Division Street to Empire State Plaza via 890-Thruway – This existing park–n-ride lot with 75 spaces will be the origin of a new CDTA express run.

  • Route #532 - Woodlawn Plaza via the Crosstown/890/Thruway – CDTA has 70 shared-use spaces at Woodlawn Plaza.  

Note: BusPlus accepts all CDTA fare passes including Swipers, 10 Trip passes and Day cards. 

For more information on these service changes, please call 482-8822 or visit


For more information, contact:

Margo Janack